System Upgrades


Over the weekend we made some upgrades to the servers which deliver including a switch in hosting providers.  This is a significant step in our growth and in preparing for the long term success of DaycareWaitlist.  There were no changes made to the application during this change, so you shouldn’t notice any differences in functionality.  What you might notice is an increase in performance.  The new servers have more “horsepower” than the previous ones and we’ve noticed a decrease in page load times by 20% to 30%.

The other thing which we hope to gain with this upgrade is reliability.  Over the past year we averaged an up-time of 99.84%, which is pretty good at about an hour of downtime each month.  However, our previous hosting provider had some problems in October in which DaycareWaitlist was down for over 48 hours total.  We have sought out the best in class for Virtual Private Servers and are confident that this investment will mean a faster, more reliable service for our customers.

Thank you providers

Last Friday was Provider Appreciation Day.  I’m a few days late, but happy belated Provider Appreciation Day.  Treat yourself to some sanity and give our daycare waitinglist software a try.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate it as much as we all appreciate of you.

According to, Provider Appreciation Day is “a special day to recognize child care providers, teachers and other educators of young children everywhere.”

Online self-service waitlist submissions

A new feature was recently released that allows parents to join your waitlist by filling out a simple online form.  The self-service form submissions will feed directly into your waitlist.  Below is a quick description of the feature and how to turn it on.

This is the form which parents will be presented to fill out


This form is mobile friendly and will re-size properly on a mobile phone or tablet.

After submitted, you will be able to see recent submissions from your private dashboard


After submission the child is automatically placed in the proper age group.  If any changes are needed like priority, or additional notes, you can enter them from here, or from any of the existing pages within your waitlist.

To turn this feature on, select “Online Forms” from your dashboard


Then, click “Enable Online Forms”, fill out the remaining data, and click submit.


After saving, you will be provided a link to send to prospective parents.

Printer friendly lists

We recently updated the main waitlist pages to provide a better format for printing.  On any of your waitlist pages for an age group, just choose “print” from your browser.    From there you can select your printer, or save to PDF and other formats if you have the correct print drivers installed.

Webpage view

waitlist web page

Print view