See the future

We’ve added a new feature to DaycareWaitlist that will allow you to “see the future”.  This will help in your planning process to see which children will be eligible for an upcoming vacant spot.

For example: let’s say you expect to have an opening in your 12-24 month age group in 3 months.

In the past, you would have to review the children in that age group and do the math to see who will still be under 24 months in 3 months.  You would also have to look at the previous age group and see who will be at least 12 months old in 3 months.  Then you have to use priorities and added-on dates to figure out who would be at the top of the list.  That’s quite a process!

With our new “see the future” option, you just have to set the date 3 months ahead and look at your list.  That’s much easier!  Below are some instructions on how to use this new option.

Step 1 – Click on “See the future” on the top right corner of any age group.

2016-03-08 11_33_50-Waitlist1

Step 2 – Set the date you want to adjust the list for.  Once set, the list will be shown as if it’s this future date.  For example, if you select a day 6 months into the future, a child who is 11 months old today, will appear as 17 months old and will move from the 0-12 month age group to the the 12-24 month age group.

2016-03-08 11_43_27-Waitlist2.png

Step 3 – See your future.  All age groups have now been adjusted based on the future date you selected (see #1 below).  Depending on their age, some children will move to other age groups.  Also, the adjusted age of how old the child will be on that future date will be shown (see #2 below) .

2016-03-08 11_44_25-Waitlist3

Step 4 – Reset the lists. Once you have reviewed the your list and want to revert it back to current time, just click the “clear” link (see #1 above).

We hope this new feature will make your job of keeping our child care waiting list even more organized, and save you some time and headaches.


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